1. Used for exterior and interior walls.
  2. The outer layers of these MGO ENERHOME usually comprised of 10-15 mm thickness boards.
  3. Comes in a variety of sizes: 2440*1220 mm, 2740*1220 mm, 3050*1220 mm, 3660*1220 mm.

MgO Qualities Include the following:

A) Fire proof – absolutely will not support a flame or burn in any way, in fact a 6mm sheet has a one hour fire rating.

B) Low heat transfer or high R value – it does not conduct heat well at all, in fact you can hold your hand on the opposite side of a sheet with a torch going full blast on the other side, this is an extreme but most relevant in protecting us from the sun’s heat.

C) Flexible with high tensile strength – cement boards are notoriously brittle and when hit or dropped they break right in half whereas MgO is much stronger and way more malleable. It can be worked much more like wood than any cement product can possibly be, in fact in thin sheets it can be used to bend around curves of pillars.

D) Lighter weight – 20% lighter than any cement board hence easier to work with

E) Green product completely eco-friendly – a total opposite in this case to cement boards as it is made at ambient temperatures, hence it creates no carbon footprint in its manufacture such as any cement product must with the massive ovens required.

F) Completely inert and does not react with anything or off gas any chemicals.

G) Water resistant and will not grow molds, which is a major issue here in the tropics.

H) Longevity in harsh climates – well the mortar holding the rocks together in the Great Wall of China is MgO mortar, not cement, so that I think would attest to its longevity in one harsh climate.



A revolution in constructions / All in One

Think of a home built entirely of insulation.

With walls strong like stone and warmer than polystyrene, resistant to impact, fire, water or mold, and at the same time with a very low thermal transmittance, even 0.1 W/m2 K.

Think of a zero-energy home built cheaper than a traditional one. Built in under a week.
Made of high-quality, European materials.
Think of Enerhome.


A home made of insulation

So far, the walls were built cold and coated with insulation. With Enerhome, the wall itself is insulation.
How is this possible?
The Enerhome Panel are two magnesium plates combined with an efficient insulation layer. The magnesium panel is a new, extremely durable and inexpensive material.

The strength of magnesium panels allows using them as a structural element in buildings; the effective isolation means they do not need additional insulation.
A zero-energy house is within your reach. See how cheap and easy to build it is.


Zero energy homes are cheaper than traditional ones

Enerhome panels eliminate the necessity of insulating walls. You do not need to cover the entire building with Styrofoam, pay and wait for the insulation service. The wall is also a layer of insulation, so the issue of thermal bridges upon installation of windows or doors is out of the way.

The panel has an exceptionally low heat transfer coefficient. Depending on its thickness, it is approx. 0.15–0.34 W/m2K, which is 2-3 times less than traditional wall with Styrofoam insulation. The panel is much cheaper than a traditional insulated wall of bricks or blocks. This means more yardage for you.

Remember that you may receive a state subsidy when building a passive home. Not only will Enerhome make your passive building much cheaper; you can also receive funding.


New house in a week

With Enerhome panels, masonry work will only take a few days. Erecting a bungalow would take just one week. Can you build faster?
Enerhome panels are very easy to install. Due to the strength of the magnesium oxide, they can be easily combined with other materials and are resistant to crushing. They also require much fewer builders than traditional brickwork.


European quality

As one of the first in the European Union, we make magnesium panels on-site. This ensures that they meet the stringent Polish and European construction and environmental standards. Also, we merge MgO panels with a layer of insulation into SIP panels on automated production lines. We make sure that each panel is identical, so you can avoid unpleasant surprises at the construction site.

We are proud that thanks to us Polish and foreign investors do not have to rely only on MgO panels from China.


MgO panel – what is it?

Enerhome Panels consist of 2 magnesium plates and an insulation layer.

Its main component is magnesium oxide and other additives (magnesium binder), giving the wall hardness and resistance. Apart from that, the panel contains chloride or magnesium sulfate, perlite and fiber cement. It is reinforced with the cellulose micro-fibers and glass fiber mesh.

Magnesium panels have been used for years now, mainly in the USA and Asia. They are used in modern skyscrapers - as material for safe fire zones, applied due to their mechanical strength and resistance to fire, heat and water.

Insulation in SIP panels is a high quality polystyrene, with enhanced thermal insulation.


European quality

Lower cost of the wall

Full resistance to fire, heat, water, and biological factors

wall approx. 2 times thinner

High level of sound insulation. MgO panels are used in concert halls and recording studios.

0.15–0.34 W/m2K 2-3 times better thermal insulation than the ordinary wall.

3–7 days for 2 people that's all you need to build 1 storey of a detached house.

Technology - MgO ENERHOME Panels

Strength comparable to a traditional wall.

Magnesium oxide with fiber cement and perlite provide high hardness of the panel. With cellulose microfibers and fiberglass mesh, the panel has an adequate resistance to stretching and crushing.

Extraordinary thermal insulation.

With a minimum panel thickness and using a special polystyrene with increased insulation, Enerhome walls maintain an exceptionally low heat permeability - approx. 0.1 W/m2K

Excellent resistance to fire, water and biological factors.

Magnesium oxide is one of the least reactive materials. It does not absorb water, can withstand up to 2800 deg. C, it is hostile to microorganisms. This makes MgO panels ideal for building e.g. safe fire zones in modern office buildings.

Well thought-out assembly solutions.

The edges of panels are specially designed for easy and precise installation. With high standards of production and quality control, panel connections are as tight as possible.


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